Drink good coffee and read ‘MORE” good books

A good read for me is happiness. I believe in books and fancy reading.

Books create a magic around you. Although reading more and more books is simply awesome but still what’s more important is not how many of them you have but how many have got through you.

Yes, you can read just anything and everything, but for beginners picking books that interest them will do the trick otherwise in no time the books will just be a piece of decoration.So pick what you love to read, esp. if you are a new reader.

But if you are a bookworm, never restrict yourself to just one direction, explore and explore more. Reading is knowledge. Adding variety to your reading frame helps you learn and know more.

As Dr. Seuss quotes –

“The more you read, the more things you will know,

The more things you will learn, the more places you will go.”

And who wants to stay put.

If you can indulge yourself into it, books are like a spa that soothes your mind and soul, detaches you from the hubbub of this outer world and takes you to a magical place where you rejuvenate into a “New You”.

There are many ways a good book can help. Books can inspire you, calm your anxiety and even help you discover the possibilities which were never existed. Watch out this amazing video by Lisa Bu, who explored a different world just by making books her best friend.


Books create madness, they converse too. Have you ever heard a book talk ? And would you believe if I say a good book listens too.

Read books if you love yourself, there is no better way you can pamper yourself.

What a blessing it is to love reading books.

Have a happy reading!

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Hi, I am Vichitra. I love learning from life everyday. Welcome to my space! I sleep with thoughts on my mind and notepad by my side. I find writing as a way to express anything and everything that is flooding my mind.I believe there is always a bright blue Sky on the other side of dark clouds. You are at a right place, if you believe in this too. I'm such a "look at the sky", "look at the sunset", "look at the moon", "stay in the car to listen to the rest of the song” type of a person. I'm sure you will enjoy my thoughts here. Mind, Thoughts, Feelings, & Life are my dearest words :) Cheers!

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