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This is what having no aim looks like.

If ever I’m on a path or road where I’m walking/ driving on and on….and it is taking me nowhere. Where to turn, where to reach, which way to take – all blank. completely clueless.

It’s Scary ? Sure it is.

Its disturbing if our path have no destination, our minds are empty and we have no aim.

We might enjoy being in this state for a time being, traveling on such a road where we are just moving without bothering much where to go and why to go.

But can’t do this everyday – every time and especially on the same road.

Something similar happen to our lives when we live it aimlessly. We might enjoy this weird outlined life for sometime but can’t (or rather shouldn’t ) stay like this forever .

Having a destination to reach is important, both while travelling on road and moving in life.

What happens when we have no aim in life? We become restless and frustrated.

We lose interest in everything. Nothing seems to attract us. We get bore easily with almost everything. All this and more just because we have no aim.

Be it small or big, one or many, short-term or long-term but having an aim is like adding fuel to life. Life will keep on moving, sometimes up and sometimes down but at least in motion always.

Aim or motive adds a purpose to life, makes it more meaningful. We could answer life’s simple yet trickiest questions. Why are we alive? What we want to do? Why we want to do?

Some people have one big aim and some have many small ones and some have none.

Mornings are fresh, days are brighter and nights are hopeful for another day when life has a purpose.

Live an aim. Don’t make one. You can never have an aim, if you don’t believe in yourself. Have faith in you and Love yourself. Know your passion. Find out what makes you happy. Do something new. Stay enthusiastic every moment. Push away all the negativity surrounding you. Be aware  of things around you. Be a learner always.

Do all of this and more , and in no time your eyes will be on the goal  and it will love to enjoy its bounces.

It is said, life’s struggle and trouble keeps you going and makes you strong. What if you fail, keep trying and trying until you get through. At least this will keep you going.

If you are looking for any fortune or luck in life –  make an aim and live for it.   

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