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How to Outsmart Your Brain In Just 5 Seconds?

Have you ever thought, Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve your life? 

The simple answer to this is,

Because your mind is designed to stop you from doing anything that might hurt or harm you.

Yes, that’s correct.  

Your mind is not wired to do things that are uncomfortable or scary doing. Your brain protect you from all the things that seem unusual or uncertain to it.

But you can rewire your brain to achieve greater happiness, success, health, well being or almost anything.

You have these incredible ideas, and what you think is missing is action. 

Suppose you are sitting in a meeting and you have this brilliant idea, instead of just saying it, you stop and hesitate, or let say every night you plan to get up early and in the morning when the alarm beeps, you hit snooze. Whether expressing your idea openly or waking up on time shrugging off your slumber creates some sort of discomfort. During such micro moments of discomfort, your brain receives stress signals and choose to react in a habitual way, which is “I can’t”.

Here’s how,

Your stressed self sends the signal to your brain, that activates the fight or flight response in your brain.

This alerts your brain, and your brain starts analysing, that this reaction is not normal or regular. This is not even a very frequent response which the body and brain experiences on everyday basis.

So our brain starts protecting us and activates the fleeing reaction in response to the situation.

However, in certain life threatening situation the same stress signal activates the Fight reaction in response to the situation. Which tells us that We can outsmart our brain before it starts tricking us with more fleeing responses than fighting ones.

By outsmarting your brain, you can activate the hidden powers to make better decisions in life and create the results you desire.

This is done by a simple yet powerful technique – Learn how your brain works.

The moment you experience fear or discomfort, you move to another part of the brain, which is instinctive and survival driven.

Whenever you feel anxious, your brain instinctively tells you to flee or withdraw as a habit, and you reply by affirming yourself “I Can’t”.

Whenever you add Can’t to any situation, you add limitations to yourself and create habit loops in your brain.

These habit loops are present in the part of the brain where the actions are repetitive and habit forming

Your brain automatically sense the signals in adverse or difficult situations and activates the habit loops which is mostly represented with fleeing responses such as I can’t.

In order to be a great achiever, you have to break these habit loops.

So how do you control the reactions of your brain and consciously take better decisions when facing adversity,

Here’s how you break it,

When facing discomfort, start counting backwards. By doing this you break the habit loop and activate your brain to focus instead of just reacting like it usually does.

Counting backwards requires focus, It is not a habit, it will become a habit that prompts you to have confidence and courage. But in the beginning it interrupts the patterns and behaviours which you are used to. It also asserts self control and and it teaches you how to become a kind of person that moves from thinking to actually doing it.  You can move from idea to action by breaking the pattern of limiting yourself.

Practicing this every time you face a discomfort trains you to identify what’s important and what’s not. You choose to be refused by your negative thinking and step back and say, this is just my brain giving me false signals.

Fleeing the discomfort or avoiding the uncertain is a barrier to growth and change.

Changing your focus from negative thinking to a positive response rewire your brain which is beneficial to your well being.

So next time you face anxiety or discomfort, take a deep breath and refocus your attention from acting impulsively.

This is only by refocusing you can rewire and outsmart your brain.

So are you ready to try this to trick your brain?


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