Do you think you know who you are? Answer these 5 questions to discover your true self

Almost half of our lifetime goes by and most of us still have no clue what we want to do with our lives. We finish our studies, get a job, make money, run businesses and still not sure what exactly is our life’s purpose.

I changed my Career aspirations more than I changed my handbags. Even after running a well established business it took many years to clearly understand what I am most passionate about.

If you are able to relate to this, chances are, you are more like me and are figuring out what you want to do with your life. 

Almost every adult goes through this. 

Part of this unresolved mystery comes from the concept that we all are born with a mission to find life’s purpose.

But the truth defines something else. During our lifetime we do certain things, some are important and some are not that important. 

Those important ones give us happiness and make our lives purposeful, and the unimportant ones just waste our time.  

So whenever your mind compels you to ask what is my life’s purpose or what should I do with my life? Ask these thought provoking somewhat fun and interesting questions. 

  1. Are you willing to take the struggle that comes with the things that makes you complete?

Suppose you are an artist, ask yourself are you willing to take your work not being appreciated all the time, if not then you are done before you begin. You will always be stuck at finding if that really makes you happy or not. Because handling rough patches and riding the rotten days is important to reach where you want to be. 

2. Can you explain your younger self why you did not continue to do what you always loved?

When I was 12 years old I used to love writing whatever my mind conceived, be it good bad, my everyday experience, learning and most importantly the outcomes of my feelings, and anything that made me a person as I wanted to be. I used to do this not because I wanted to impress anyone or I never seeked any appreciation for the same but I simply used to write because that used to make me happy and complete. And then as I grew up I stopped doing this. We often lose touch with what we loved as a child. Sometimes because of the social pressure, sometimes we never want people to know us and sometimes everyday struggles of running errands squeezes the passion out of our lives. The world constantly teaches us that the only reason to do something is to be rewarded for it. 

It wasn’t until my mid 30s I remembered how much I loved writing and loved the way I am being expressive through my writing. So if today my younger self asks me, why did I stop being the way I used to be, what should I reply? Because I thought I’m no good at it, because I thought people would make fun of me if they know how I think and what I think? My younger self would not really agree with me or care about how the world sees me. My younger self just wanted to do what made her happy, and that’s where our passion always begins, with a sense of happiness. Do more of what makes you happy, your passion for life will be derived from it. 

3. Can you figure out what makes you forget to eat and sleep?

Sometimes, while watching  some interesting series on Netflix my minutes turn into hours and hours into the whole day. It is ok to take a break from routine at times, but this probably isn’t a good thing if I do it everyday or on a regular basis. Later I sit back and realise this is not what I want to do with my life; spending time watching Netflix, although I do love this but this is not my passion. My passion is for Self improvement, being better at something that really makes me happy. When I apply the same obsessiveness to my writing, things take off brilliantly leaving a contentment. For you it may be something else, whatever it is, spend more time with activities that enthrall you.

4. Are you ready to make yourself vulnerable?

You think about doing something, something you fantasize about yet you don’t do it. You may have your reasons for not doing it, but if you aren’t doing it thinking what others think about me, then you are screwing it big time. Everyone may not agree to what you wanna do with your life, and that’s ok. You have to go against the herd mentality in order to achieve what you want to. 

5. Are you ready to change being complacent?

You get used to your routines and do not take chances for anything new to happen. Most people understand passion as the result of action not the cause of it, which is why they are stuck finding themselves all the time. Let’s imagine, If all the things that kill your time, all the unnecessary unimportant things do not exist anymore, what would you do with all of that time? You may think of joining some activity – sports, music or anything that you always loved to do, you may start working for a cause which makes you happy from within or anything that makes you connect with your inner self. Write down a few answers and then you know what you are exactly passionate about.

It is easy to continue with something which is comfortable and habitual. But if you really want to see yourself doing what you have always wanted, stop taking finding your purpose for life as a mission, pay attention to your vision else you’ll allow your circumstances to direct the course of your life.

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