Hi, I am Vichitra. I love learning from life everyday. Welcome to my space! I sleep with thoughts on my mind and notepad by my side. I find writing as a way to express anything and everything that is flooding my mind.

I believe there is always a bright blue Sky on the other side of dark clouds. You are at a right place, if you believe in this too.

I’m such a “look at the sky”, “look at the sunset”, “look at the moon”, “stay in the car to listen to the rest of the song” type of a person.

Thoughts, Emotions, Mind and Life are my dearest words. If I was born in 19th Century when Sigmund Freud discovered his theory on behaviour and personality, undoubtedly we both would be soulmates as I am so much convinced that how our mind shapes our thoughts and behavior.

I’m sure you will enjoy my thoughts here. Let’s discover a fresh perspective on living life with a set of dynamic standards that allow us to boldly express, without a fear of being judged.

Million Rising Suns” is about beginning a New day- Everyday.

Other than writing, spending quality time with my daughter and exploring my culinary skills are my favorites.

I willfully quit my run-of-the-mill job to prioritize my passions for life.

I hope you’ll find interesting stuff here which will let you stick around and keep you coming back for the want of more such reads 🙂


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