“If we were a LIE”……Have a reality check.

When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was ‘Always.’ A relationship never comes with a manual, each one has its blemishes and blessings but a relationship which makes you hide your feelings behind a happiest smile isn’t healthy either. Be perceptive to know what it wants out ofContinue reading ““If we were a LIE”……Have a reality check.”

This is what having no aim looks like.

If ever I’m on a path or road where I’m walking/ driving on and on….and it is taking me nowhere. Where to turn, where to reach, which way to take – all blank. completely clueless. It’s Scary ? Sure it is. Its disturbing if our path have no destination, our minds are empty and weContinue reading “This is what having no aim looks like.”

Drink good coffee and read ‘MORE” good books

A good read for me is happiness. I believe in books and fancy reading. Books create a magic around you. Although reading more and more books is simply awesome but still what’s more important is not how many of them you have but how many have got through you. Yes, you can read just anythingContinue reading “Drink good coffee and read ‘MORE” good books”