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Why did I push people away from me? (Even my closest ones)

I always used to push people away from me (the list included even my beloved ones) whenever they advanced to support me where I was lacking. Sometimes I did it wilfully and sometimes I didn’t even realize I’m pushing them away.   I had this deep rooted desire to appear capable and strong all the time. […]


Do you think you know who you are? Answer these 5 questions to discover your true self

Almost half of our lifetime goes by and most of us still have no clue what we want to do with our lives. We finish our studies, get a job, make money, run businesses and still not sure what exactly is our life’s purpose. I changed my Career aspirations more than I changed my handbags. […]

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How to Outsmart Your Brain In Just 5 Seconds?

Have you ever thought, Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve your life?  The simple answer to this is, Because your mind is designed to stop you from doing anything that might hurt or harm you. Yes, that’s correct.   Your mind is not wired to do things that […]

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Start your journey to self discovery with these 20 questions to uncover your true self.

Life isn’t just about being alive, it’s more about living a purposeful life.  If you are comfortable with a paradigm of life where everyday looks like : Wake up – Work – Rest – Repeat, then don’t divert your mind to bigger things in life and hit exit from this post.  However, If you feel […]

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Life is never lived backwards – #3 Steps to Overcome Regrets in Life

Uh — Oh! You screwed up badly. You acted in a way that had a bad influence on you or your loved ones, and you can’t seem to shake the feeling of guilt and remorse for what you did.We’ve all been in that situation. Some of us are currently experiencing it and allowing it to affect […]