“If we were a LIE”……Have a reality check.

When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was ‘Always.’

A relationship never comes with a manual, each one has its blemishes and blessings but a relationship which makes you hide your feelings behind a happiest smile isn’t healthy either. Be perceptive to know what it wants out of you.

The defeat comes when we subdue our feelings for just to make that relation work. One should never loose oneself so much so that it sap you for what you are be or wanna be.

The full onus can’t be borne by luck, people, time and other such factors. The only one answerable is “YOU” as what we allow is what continue.

During a “Oh! -Not-So-Satisfied” life’s journey, we often lose being us by having a pleasing attitude for all, avoiding our wishes which makes us truly happy, making huge shift in our likes and dislikes just to make others comfortable, so on and so forth….The worst of all is failing to express for a fear of being criticised and rejected.

Living life-like this creates an analogy of us which our self fails to recognize and covers us with a thick covering of what weren’t us.

The true happiness and peace comes from within when you know you are walking on a path you always wanted to tread.

Few points to be reminded everyday like a morning dose for happy n healthy life.

  • Be genuine to yourself. Never act or hide your true feelings, confront them.
  • Be courageous to express. Never shrug away your thoughts and desires for the fear of being criticised.
  • Stop pleasing others, important people in your life should like you for what you are before you make any adjustments for them. Appreciation is an essential ingredient.
  • Say the truth always, never manipulate.
  • Believe in yourself.

If there is true love in relations, it never ask you to compromise on the thoughts which gives you immense happiness and if your relationship is pumping you to express what you are not, it isn’t a righteous one.




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Hi, I am Vichitra. I love learning from life everyday. Welcome to my space! I sleep with thoughts on my mind and notepad by my side. I find writing as a way to express anything and everything that is flooding my mind.I believe there is always a bright blue Sky on the other side of dark clouds. You are at a right place, if you believe in this too. I'm such a "look at the sky", "look at the sunset", "look at the moon", "stay in the car to listen to the rest of the song” type of a person. I'm sure you will enjoy my thoughts here. Mind, Thoughts, Feelings, & Life are my dearest words :) Cheers!

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