It’s never too late to be who you might have been .# 4 effective ways to choose life over stress

When everything is going goody good, none of us try to re-evaluate our action – direction.

The feeling of being drained out materializes when there is a disproportion in happiness quotient.

A continuous assurance to oneself by chanting ” All is well” ” All is well” …asserts that we must have stepped on something we shouldn’t have.

Never mind, there’s always a second chance.

Adopt these # 4 habits to keep up the equilibrium of life.

# 1. Stay Guilt-free. The easiest way is to stop doing things in a similar way. Guilt is a form of anger at ourselves at what we did or did not do. Get out of the self – accused state. Develop high self esteem and boost your self-confidence to bounce back again and this time the right way. Everything will begin to become better the moment you realize you are moving in right direction. Give time. Time heals.

# 2. Choose priorities over convenience. Live an organized life. Once the priorities are set, do not deviate much from them. Nothing leads to more frustration than to have an aimless life with variance in priorities. Positive outcomes are expected when priorities are in tune with the way we are living our lives and utilizing our time.

# 3. Have an equipoise. Give time to everything. Maintain a balanced life structure. Assess your needs and work towards them. Everything is important to an extent. Both, too much or too less of anything disturbs the harmony.

# 4. Embrace regret for a time being only. Being regretful at times is required as a gentle reminder of do’s & don’ts in life. Regret creates a negative aura around. Flip it with positivity and optimism.. Do not be in a state of distress for a longer time. Learn a lesson from your mistake with a determination of not to repeat it again and get over the repentance.

Exercise these # 4 habits in your daily life and invest time in making life better than yesterday.

Always remember , No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. So live in today and make it BEST 🙂

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